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How safe is bath oils for babies?

Q: I put johnsons baby bath oil to my baby bath every day. I heard that adding bath oils can give urinary tract infection. Is it true and what are the symptoms? My child is one year old. Could you also suggest what foods I can give to him now?

A:Oil would not give rise to urinary tract disease. However, its not required to add oil to water because it would actually act as an insulator and prevent direct contact of water with skin, which is actually required to clean the skin. If you think you need to moisturise the skin then first clean the skin with water and then apply moisturiser if need be. You should be feeding your child almost all the cereals like khichri, rice and dal, dalia, sooji, upma, banana, mashed roti / paratha / puri with dal or vegetables, soups, juices, egg / keema, khichri etc and give him milk around 2 times a day.


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