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How much does kidney transplantation cost?

Q: My 45 years old uncle needs to undergo kidney transplantation. How much does this cost and how long will it take for him to recover? Further can my uncle's sister, who is 50 years old, donate a kidney to him?

A:Kidney transplantation costs vary in various hospitals. You will have to find out the cost from the hospital where you are getting the transplantation done. The donor has to be investigated to ensure that kidney donation is safe for the donor and that kidney is suitable for the recipient. This usually is done out patients and cost approximately 40-50,000 rupees. The recipient suitability is also investigated including cardiac evaluation. Once admitted for transplant, the donor is usually out of hospital within one week and the recipient usually in 10-14 days. The recipient requires frequent follow up for first 2-3 months and then monthly check up. He / she can join duty usually by end of 2-3 months. The donor can be back to work in 15 days.


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