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How much does a person urinate normally everyday?

Q: I am 47 years old. How much urination is normal for a person of my age? I don't have diabetes, the tests showed 97 fasting and 96 PP. I pass urine every 1.5 hours during the day and get up once at night. Can this be due to prostrate trouble? If I travel long journeys, the urgency to urinate is very evident. My thirst is normal and I am not losing any weight. I exercise for 1 hour everyday, but feel sleepy in the afternoon and am not very energetic during the day. I get frequent boils on the hairy parts of my body that heal with antibiotics and now I am on homeopathic treatment. I had duodenal and oesophageal ulcers 7 years ago, but a recent endoscopy showed no signs. I stopped smoking 7 years ago but drink heavily on weekends. Please advise.

A:The number of voids is irrelevant without knowing the volumes that you void each time. Minimum urine formation in 24 hours is 700 to 800 ml in extremely hot and dehydrating conditions. If you drink 12 litres of fluid in a day, kidneys will get rid of unnecessary approximately 11 litres as urine, conserving only approximately 1 litre, the quantity used in body for metabolic needs, apart from the invisible water vapour in breath, or as perspiration. Normal bladder capacity is approximately 300 ml. You will void only thrice in 24 hours to pass 900 ml, but will take 36 trips to the toilet to get rid of 11 litres. A smaller bladder, result of acute or chronic infections apart of some other conditions, of say 150 ml will take you to void urine double the number of the normal bladder. Thus it is imperative to know the fluid volumes you consume, and the timings of each void along with the volume passed each time before saying whether your complaint is normal or abnormal. We call it a voiding diary and are the first thing we ask our patients to prepare when they present with such complaints. You may have to consult a dermatologist to sort your boils problem, which seem unrelated with frequent urination. Both may, however, coexist in diabetes, which has already been excluded in your case.


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