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How long will my chest take to heal after bypass surgery?

Q: I am a 50 years old man who underwent cardiac bypass surgery. How is the chest bone closed after the surgery? How much time does it take to heal? When will the stitches be removed? Is coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) safe and how long will I survive? What is the duration of post-operative bed rest at home? When can I start my normal activities? Are there any side effects of the surgery?


  1. The chest bone is closed after bypass surgery using stainless steel wires.
  2. It takes a maximum of 4-6 weeks for the chest wound to heal after bypass surgery.
  3. These days the stitches are not removed as they are self absorbing.
  4. Now a days CABG operation is an absolutely safe procedure and it certainly increases the life span.
  5. A person can return to all his normal activities usually after six weeks of the operation,
  6. There are no side affects of bypass surgery except leaving scars on various parts of the body.


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