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How long should one do Kegel's exercise?

Q: I have started doing Kegel's exercises about 300 times. Is it correct? Are there any adverse effects if we do more of it? Is it good to do the Buttock squeezing exercises, pelvic curls, cycling, raising legs along with Kegel's exercise? How long should I do Kegel's exercises? Is 6 weeks enough? Can I do them during periods?

A:Ten days is good enough for you to know how much you are able to control and the progress from the first day you started doing the exercises. You do not need to do more than that. Depending on your progress, you might need to do these exercises for 8-10 weeks. Your doctor has not suggested, but with my experience I can tell you that if you take faradic electrical stimulation for a month, it will help you a lot. Your local physiotherapist will help you with that. The other exercises you have mentioned will not help your problem. you can do them as general exercises. There is no hard and fast rule to stop exercises during periods but if you are getting any extra pain or the flow is unusually more, you can stop for a day or two. You can get back to me again after a few weeks and let me know your progress.


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