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How long can a person live after a 4 vessel CABG grafts?

Q: If everything is maintained well, for how long can a person in the age group(40-49)live after CABG 4 grafts?

A:That truly is a very pointed and direct question and in some ways even provocative. I am afraid, I do not have a definitive answer to your query, but certain relevant statistics that we have, are: 1. Survival depends on the kind of risk factors that one has and how well one is able to control those risk factors. 2. It also depends on, what kind of grafts or conduits were used for bypass surgery. For example, the results of total arterial revascularization are much superior to venous revascularization. 3. Survival also depends on any other co morbidity that a patient may have in form of deposition of cholesterol in the arteries of the brain, kidneys or legs or so and so forth. Given the uncertainties attached in conjecturing survival, in general, isolated coronary artery bypass surgery has a ten year survival of 80-85% and 15 years or more in 65-70%. By the same token, there are lot of people, who are doing extremely well and leading a totally normal life, more than 20 years following bypass surgery. Incidentally if internal mammary artery has been used, its patency rate is more than 95% at 20 years and which indirectly contributes to a better survival. I can appreciate this direct questioning from you, especially as you are young (40-49 years) but in this I would like you to take a little philosophical attitude to life and not worry as much about survival statistics, as about quality of life, and if you are taking care of all the risk factors and leading a good quality life, then enjoy your today and not worry about tomorrow. If you do that, probably you will have much better long term survival, than all the time thinking of survival statistics. I rest matters here, but if you have any further questions on this front, you are more than welcome to contact us and we will be pleased to answer them.


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