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How is weight loss related to the amount of sweating?

Q: I am 31 years old. I workout daily in the evening for about half an hour. Earlier when I was doing workouts I did not sweat because I was exercising in an open room with fan etc. But I was advised by my friend that unless one sweats during workout it will not helpful. So now a days I am doing workouts in a closed room and due to this I sweat a lot. This excessive sweating also produces odour which is sometimes really unbearable. Please advise me whether excessive sweating during workouts is advisable and the reasons for odour?

A:Firstly, There is no connection between weight loss and the amount you sweat. Body heat is another thing but sweating or not is not an indicator of your heart rate, nor the amount you will lose. Yes, the range of your heart rate is a better benchmark to go by, but by no means, the only one. For successful wight loss to occur, a number of factors have to be taken into consideration. Your input (in terms of calories) has to be less than your output (in terms of calories burnt). Also, you need to build in a combined programme of cardiovascular and resistance training (be it in the form of free hand exercise also). Since you are overweight and have not met with much success after the first attempt, I suggest you see a specialist to help you through your problem. Both a dietician to help you plan your meals and a fitness specialist to plan your exercise routine and follow it closely. As far as your offensive body odour goes, you should think of three things: -Keep the areas clean and dry. -Dust your underarms with some talcum powder. -You can also use some deodorant or an anti-perspiration. If the problem persist despite, you should see a dermatologist.


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