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How is stage 3 non-small cell lung carcinoma managed?

Q: Please send me information regarding treatment of high grade non-small cell carcinoma; consistent with primary origin in lung. Tumour cells express Cytokeratin and are immunonegative to LCA & CD 30. Tumour cells express TTF-1 (marker for lung carcinoma). Immunostaining with CD 5 is negative. Size of the tumour: 6 by 6, Location: mediastinal, Stage: III. The age of the patient is 41 years and weight is 64 kgs. Her height is 152 cms.

A:The management of stage III NSCLC involves either chemotherapy alone or concurrent chemotherapy and radiotherapy. If there is good response to chemotherapy alone, one can assess for operability. There is about 15-20% chance of long term survival in these patients.


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