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How is ear reconstruction done?

Q: My cousin is 9 years old and has microtia (left external ear not formed). We are looking forward to get a silicon ear reconstruction done. Where in India is this procedure performed?

A:Ear Reconstruction using a silicone framework is a popular and successful surgical technique. It involves a multi stage surgical planning. 1. In the first stage, a silicone frame work is inserted under a skin pocket. 2. In the second stage, the frame work is freed from the back and a skin graft is applied. This is done about a year after the first stage. If all goes well, that is the end. In case of any failure, since silicone is a foreign material, an extra stage may be required. Any senior plastic surgeon, with an interest in ear reconstruction, can carry out this procedure. Another commonly used method for ear reconstruction could be use of rib cartilage as a frame work for the ear.


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