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How is a triple bypass done?

Q: What is the process of a triple bypass? What are the symptoms of blocked arteries? Are there any preventive measures that can be taken for this?

A:The process of triple bypass is that we take conduits, either from the chest (or arm or leg) and use them to create alternative pathways in the heart, to circumvent the obstruction in the arteries of the heart. The procedure can be performed on a heart lung machine and with the heart stopped (Open Heart Surgery) or with the heart beating and supporting the circulation (Beating Heart Surgery). The symptoms of blockages of the arteries of the heart could be varied starting from chest pain to arm pain, jaw pain, compression of chest, breathing difficulty, palpitation and a fairly large number of patients may have no symptoms and may be detected on routine medical examination. To prevent blockages, one has to have a balanced life style with controlled diet in terms of fat and sugar intake and high intake of roughage and vegetables and fruits. One must exercise for 30 minutes in form of brisk walking every day. Diabetes and blood pressure,if present, must be controlled. Smoking is a big no and even passive smoking is as harmful as active smoking. One must avoid stresses and tension to the extent that is possible. Yoga and transcendental meditation in this regard are singularly beneficial.


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