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How is a branchial fistula treated in a child?

Q: My son, aged 5 years and 7 months, is having a minute hole in the middle of his neck. The local doctor has diagnosed it and termed it as branchial fistula. He feels a little pain while cleaning the affected part. After bath a white fluid discharge is seen from the hole. Other than this, there is no problem. He has fever occasionally. We are using T-Bact ointment on the area and no tablets are being used. I will be thankful if you could please guide me with information like where to get the surgery done, cost of surgery or any other treatment for the problem?

A:The only treatment for branchial fistula is an operation. It can be done at any major hospital by a paediatric surgeon. You may consider getting it done where you stay. Usually it can be done as a day case but sometimes may require overnight stay in hospital. The cost varies from hospitals and you should consult the doctor.


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