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How effective are the various weight loss gadgets?

Q: I am 37 years old female and am overweight on my hips and waist. Two months back I bought an Ab Energizer from TVC Skyshop and am using it regularly for 10 minutes three times a day. Even after two months of use, I do not see any reduction in my stomach and waist line. On the TV I see the ad says that we will reduce 6 inches in a months time and the abs will get tight but my abs are the same, infact increased by an inch. My question is - does Ab Energizer really work? Is this product harmful to my health and should I discontinue its use? Please let me know as I am worried about my weight.

A:It is against medical ethics to give any kind of advise on commercial products, so I would not do that. But, anything unnatural is bound to be harmful some way or the other. These kind of gadgets will never help you reach your goal. I suggest, you first learn to tone up your abdominals from a good physiotherapist and do your abdominal workouts. If you have not done your post-natal exercises after delivery, be sure it is going to take longer as lax abdominal muscles take a long time to tone up and only after your abdominals are toned up, will you begin to lose in inches and get results.


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