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How do I treat my prostate enlargement?

Q: I am a 52 years old male suffering from mid lobe enlargement of prostate for the last two years. I have difficulty while urinating. The culture report states that it is sterile. Please let me know the mode of treatment for BPH.

A:Treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) is done for the symptoms, and not enlargement alone as seen on ultrasound or on examination. Since you are symptomatic too, you warrant treatment for the same. Primary symptomatic treatment is with a group of drugs called alpha-blockers, which relax the muscles in prostate easing the urine flow. If there is no risk of cancer in the prostate gland as evident with physical examination and PSA testing, and your prostate is bulky, another group of drugs called 5 alpha reductase inhibitors may be added for long-term improvement and usage. There is another group of medication called selective parasympatholytic drugs, like tolterodine, that is usually added to take care of urinary frequency. If the residual urine is high (more than 100 ml) and you do not respond to medications very well, surgical intervention may be warranted. As you may see, it is not possible to advise anything straightforward on telephone or Internet unless you have been examined and investigated thoroughly. I would strongly recommend you to see a Urologist to advise you properly.


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