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How do I stop my baby from throwing things?

Q: I have a 20 month old baby. He tries to touch and feel every object that he finds around him. As you know that there are things that babies need to stay from, this could prove fatal in case of electric and sharp objects. Do you have any suggestions for ways to break this habit? The moment you turn your back to him, he goes straight to the thing he needs to stay away from.

A:A 20 month old child is trying to explore the world, and this is important for his cognitive development. Hitting also can be a way of exploring. So you should not keep nagging the child to stop the exploration process, unless necessary. At the same time, it is important to clarify limits and convey in a non-punitive way that some things are not to be touched or hit. Instead of punishing after an incident, try to predict from previous episodes to prevent any recurrence.Talk to the child and give explanations in clear language that the child can understand.


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