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How do I persuade my child to take breast milk?

Q: I stay in a joint family. I am a working mother. My son is 4.5 months old. First 4 months I was at my mother's place, there I use feed breast feed him but my milk was not sufficient so for some feeds I gave him bottle. When I shifted to my in laws place, my son is first child in the family after the long period. He is always with my mother in law. Now my son does not take in my milk. In the beginning, I use feed him in the night, now even that he do not take. I am worried. Please suggest something which he will feel like having my milk.

A:It is quite natural that once the baby starts taking bottle feeds he starts rejecting breast gradually and ultimately you stop making breast milk. It is easier for the baby to take bottle feeds and also once the baby tastes sweeter milk given through the bottle he does not like breast milk which is tasteless. The best way to continue to give breast milk is continue exclusively breast feeding. It does not happen that you continue both. You can still stop giving bottle feeds and give milk with spoon or a tumbler and continue breast feeding. I can assure you that if you are motivated to feed your baby you would succeed.


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