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How do I handle my son who is not concentrating on studies?

Q: I have a 7 years old son in class 2. He is harrssing me a lot regarding his studies. He is very slow in writing and I have to go to his school or call up someone to take his work practically everyday. Today he wrote only of 25 marks in a 50 marks 2nd terminal exam. I am really beating him up, he just does not listen. His teachers are complaining a lot too, it is not that he is dumb, he knows everything even his teachers say so. He is very good in figuring out new gadgets etc. If not told, he can watch TV for 8 to 10 hours and likes to play on the computer. He does not like to go out and play.

A:Please stop beating your child! A child of 7 years is too young to be expected to sit for long hours and write fully. This is the age for playing and exploring the world. Do get him assessed by the school counsellor or any psychologist for reading or writing delay. He could also be suffering from an emotional problem such as oppositional defiance. You yourself acknowledge that he is intelligent. Try changing your handling of the child. Use positive encouragement and warmth. Physical punishment has not found to be desirable in any way. It would only make him more defiant and escape into the safe world of television. He would develop a life-long aversion to studies and maybe towards you!


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