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How do I deal with my mouth breathing?

Q: I am a 36 years old man having a breathing problem for the last 10 years. During day-time I breathe through my nose but at night while sleeping I start breathing through my mouth as informed by my family members. About 2 AM, my throat becomes dry and I need to drink water. After I wake up in the morning, I feel a very bad smell in my mouth and even after brushing I do not feel fresh. When I take a cup of hot or cool beverage, immediately a bad smell starts coming from my mouth and bad breath from the nose. I have consulted an ENT surgeon. He corrected the slight bend in the bone of my nose at the right side; but it didn't help in breathing through the mouth at night. Then I consulted a pulmonologist. He conducted a polysomnography and said I had mild obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA). He suggested some exercises, which I am still doing but still have problems. Please advise.

A:You are mouth breathing and nose has been corrected. You have mild grade obstructive sleep apnoea. You have normal weight. So we have to look for diabetes, dental and gastric problems. I presume you have had CAT scan of sinuses and there was no pus i.e. air fluid level in them. Hope you are not taking B complex group of drugs. I am not sure what you are struggling against psychological problems. Off hand, I would advice an anti-allergic desloratidine or levocetrizine. And a mouthwash at night. You should avoid sleeping for at least two hours after meals. Avoid alcohol. Avoid fish meat at night. Continuous positive airway pressure (C-PAP)pap may still help.


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