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How do I deal with my child's delayed milestones?

Q: My two years old son suffers from delayed milestones since birth. He did not cry at his birth and subsequently had to undergo PDA closure operation at the age of 6 months. Though he is able to hold his neck and sit (if made to sit) for the last couple of months, his dysfunctional speech and eyesight are major concerns. Besides, a couple of days back he had a bout of fit (something like epileptic seizure) amidst high fever. Why did that bout of fit occur?

A:It is obvious that a problem of birth anoxia occurred at birth because of delayed cry that resulted in lack of oxygen supply to the brain. He has global developmental delay that needs to be addressed by occupational therapy and other interventions. His visual disability may likely be related to occipital lobe damage (brain centre for vision), an area which is vulnerable to lack of oxygen and glucose. Your child has suffered a febrile convulsion, which occurs in 5% of children less than 5 years of age. There is a higher chance of recurrence in your child because of his underlying disability. Usually, febrile seizures are not treated with anti-epileptic medications as over 90% children outgrow this problem. If his fits recur, you should consult a neurologist in your city.


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