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How do I adjust my year old child's sleep pattern?

Q: My son is one year old. He sleeps twice during the daytime and at night he sleeps by 10.30 pm or 11.30 pm but is up by 1 am or 4 am every day, and won't sleep for at least an hour after that and will want to play. Sometimes he gets up 2 to 3 times at night. He keeps rolling over and gets up. Why is this happening?

A:First of all, when he wants to play at night, do not oblige. Keep the lights off and continue to sleep yourself. Discourage communication. Left to himself, he would go off to sleep himself. You do not have to keep awake when he is awake. Also, avoid too much of daytime sleep. Sleeping once for a couple of hours or so should be enough. Engage him in some play/outdoor activity at the time he is sleepy to keep him awake. The sleep pattern would get adjusted over a few days.


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