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How do get rid of discomfort due to anal fissures?

Q: I am having discomfort in the buttocks and the lower abdomen. My anal fissure was diagnosed 2 years back after a colonoscopy was done. This has been fine with the application of Fucktu cream. But from the last 10 days, the fissure is causing discomfort and it is very difficult to sit at one place and work. The pain slightly improves when I am standing but once I am seated, it starts paining again. The problem worsens after passing stools. Please suggest some medication?

A:1. Sit in lukewarm water before passing stools. Do this in the evening as well for 2 weeks. 2. Use 0.2% GTN cream locally twice a day and apply only to the outside skin around the anus for 4 weeks 3. Take Fybogel 1 sachet daily for 4 weeks. This should solve your problem.


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