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How can we stop our son from throwing things?

Q: My 2-year-old son has a habit of throwing everything he has in his hands. Most of the times we intentionally don't react when he throws things. But when throws a costly item, we have to run after him. How can we stop his habit of throwing things?

A:Do not leave costly items around. Apart from the possibility of their getting damaged, they could be harmful if they fell on the child's foot. Buy a nice big rubber ball that he can play with. Help him to throw with some aim. Raise your voice if he throws it deliberately at something valuable. Teach him to move to music (something lively) and he will feel happy. If the throwing behaviour continues for a few more months, try and see a Psychologist or Counsellor to help you. Make the house "child-proof". Keep all dangerous objects in shelves he cannot reach. Clear the lower tables of all objects. Use unbreakable plates and cups for him.


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