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How can we improve our 12 years old IQ?

Q: My son is 12 years old and his IQ level is 70-75, and as per doctors comments it is below average. Due to this he is facing lots of problems during study (he is in 6th standard). I want to know if the IQ level can be changed or does it remain the same for the rest of his whole life. Are there any chances to improve this? How can we help?

A:Children are born with the potential for different levels of functioning. If your child has reached 6th standard, it is possible that his IQ is higher than 70 -75. The IQ is a number that comes from the child's score in a standard intelligence test. The child's early development in walking, talking, taking care of his own needs for feeding and toilet, learning to read and write etc. would have shown whether he was in the normal range or slower than normal. It is not possible that you noticed nothing different earlier and he is now found to have an IQ of 75. If you are in doubt, you should get him tested at a different Psychology clinic, once more. Whatever the child's given ability, there is always scope to use it fully and to help him to cope with everyday living. What do his teachers say? Has he gone through the classes from Standard 1 to 5, without any problem? Does he talk to you and listen to you when you say something? Does he have friends? Can he watch a cartoon and understand what is going on? There are so many questions to be asked and answered. As parents, you can certainly help to improve upon his abilities. It would need patience and some knowledge of how to go about it. Please do consult an expert in planning the details. However, if the child has had no problems in school work until this year, it may not be a case of mental retardation. Please share this letter with friends who can explain to you, if necessary, the suggestions I am making here.


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