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How can we enhance our child's speech?

Q: My son is 4 years & 4 months old and has a lot of interests like books, computer, toys, playing in the park, listening to songs etc. but he doesn't mingle with other kids. He started talked late i.e .after he was 3 years and 6 months old. Now he talks in 3-4 word sentences but only to ask for the things he wants like 'I want milk', 'I want apple juice etc'. We can't have a simple conversation with him. Although he is very smart, he knows counting more than 600, all small & capital ABCDs, 7-8 poems, more than 45 spellings etc. he goes to a pre school in USA. What do you think is the problem, if any? How can we enhance his speech?

A:Your son appears to be a normal child going through some significant changes in his lifestyle which can result in a problem in speech and language development. Some times a change of schools can put a child on the back foot for a while. In any case, it would be a god idea to get DQ, IQ and EQ (Developmental, Intelligence and Emotional Quotient) tests done by an experienced psychologist who can then suggest measures to bring him up to his age in ability to communicate through speech.


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