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How can we discipline a 5-6 year old?

Q: We have a 5-6 years old girl child who is very naughty, stubborn, arrogant and not well disciplined. She is our landlords grand daughter. Many times she has come into our house and was handling things or intruding into our privacy when changing dress and making lots of noise, loud voice, because of which we do not have mental peace at all. We have told their parents often in quite clear terms about their daughters behaviour and some improvement is there but not complete. Also both the child's parents and grand parents are not happy with us, because we have discussed their child's behaviour with them. Many times the child's parents and grand parents have admitted that she makes lot of noise and disturbs others. I would like to know, if this is a normal child of 5-6 years old behaviour or is she more indisciplined than her age? Also I would like to know how do we deal with this situation and get the child under control?

A:First of all, you must understand that a child should never be treated as a pawn in adults battles. Secondly, children of this age are naturally active and curious. You can only deal with it by making sure your doors are locked so that she cannot enter if you do not want and by explaining clearly to her what is unacceptable to you. You could even try to make friends with her and enjoy her childhood pranks!


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