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How can varicocoele be treated?

Q: I am a 34 years old man suffering from varicocoele. I am planning to get operated for the same. What precautions should I take after surgery? What is the recovery period and how much would it cost?

A:Varicocoele is common in men, and can be diagnosed in 20% of young adults. Every varicocoele does not require treatment. Those with associated discomforting pain, atrophy of testis or infertility are recommended for surgical correction of varicocoele. Various methods of managing varicocoele are:

  1. Clipping the veins in abdomen via laparoscopy
  2. Dealing with them in abdomen at internal ring by open surgery
  3. Dealing with the veins micro-surgically at the scrotal neck.
Microsurgical management of varicocoele has the best outcome with least complications. The cost of surgery would depend upon the surgery type and the place you have it done. Postoperative care and restrictions would also depend upon the method of management.


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