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How can urinary urgency be controlled?

Q: I am a 35 years old man having problem with urine urgency. Recently I have not been able to control my urine. Before I can go to the toilet my urine passes out. I do not have any kidney problem. Is this due to heat? Please advise.

A:You have symptoms of urinary urgency and precipitancy. Such symptoms at older age may be secondary to prostatic enlargement or idiopathic, called overactive bladder (OAB). At your young age (35 years) such symptoms, however, are commonly seen secondary to bladder pathology. Acute urine infection will give rise to such symptoms, but is associated with other urine symptoms like burning and finding of pus cells on urine examination. Bladder irritation due to any reason will also cause such symptoms, like a stone in juxtavesical ureter or bladder itself. Prostatic inflammation as in prostatitis may also cause urinary urgency. Rarely, bladder malignancies will also present with such symptoms. You would realise that your symptoms might originate from a variety of diseases. Get yourself examined and investigated by a urologist to reach a right diagnosis for proper treatment.


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