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How can urinary tract infection be treated in an infant?

Q: My 6 months old son had fever and was diagnosed with urinary tract infection (UTI) after a routine test. The doctor suggested for CEFI (Cefixime) for 7 days and after that he had no fever. We did a normal routine urine test again, which shows pus cell still present and culture test showed that he was resistant to most of antibiotics; except few like Amikacin and Nitrofurantoin. He was admitted to hospital and on IV he was given Amikacin. The ultrasound revealed hydronephrosis and mild swelling on the left kidney. After 5 days he was discharged from the hospital and advised to use Nitrofurantoin for 7 days. Again a routine urine and culture test was done. All the test results came negative now and he was advised to use 2.5 ml of Septran every night for the next 6 weeks; then the doctor would do a MCU to know the blockage. Is my son taking the correct medication?

A:A urine infection in a 6-month-old male infant generally implies a birth defect in the urinary tract. The ultrasound has suggested hydronephrosis. Consult a urologist or a paediatric surgeon who might suggest further tests like a contrast CT scan and an MCU or DRCG as also a renal dynamic scan. The child might need some corrective surgery based on the test findings.


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