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How can urea & creatinine be controlled in chronic renal failure?

Q: My 67 years old mother is diagnosed with systemic hypertension, anaemia and chronic renal failure. Her recent blood pressure is 130/90 mm/hg. Blood test showed haemoglobin - 8.9 gm/dl, urea - 78 mg/dl, sodium - 130 mmo1/L, potassium - 4.2 mmo1/L and creatinine - 2.2 mg/dl. The doctor has recommended these medicines - Winbp (40mg), Amlip (10 mg), Livogen and Cipcal (250 mg). How can urea and creatinine levels be managed?

A:No, those values of urea and creatinine are abnormal and indicate stage IV (moderately severe) chronic kidney disease. Like your mother, most patients won't have any symptoms of kidney disease per se unless it is very advanced. There is no specific therapy to reverse chronic kidney disease but one should aim to slow the progression of kidney disease. This can be done by keeping one's medical conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol etc. well controlled and regular follow up with a nephrologist. Your mother's current medications seem to be appropriate.


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