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How can swelling and pain after tracheostomy be managed?

Q: I am a 40 years old male weighing 80 kg. My breathing pipe got cut in an accident. Tracheostomy was done and after 15 days doctor removed the tracheostomy tube. Now my respiration is good but my throat is stuffed with swelling and pain and my voice becomes low. I have taken Toxim-O (1.5 gm) twice a day for 15 days, Voveran AMP for 10 days and Azethromycin (twice daily) for 5 days, Zethromycin (twice a day), Cherryl fort (twice a day) and Cipzox (twice a day). But the problem persists. How can swelling and pain after tracheostomy be managed?

A:First of all I am glad you are doing well after your accident . From the description you have given it appears that any bacterial infection should have been treated by now unless it is a resistant bacteria . However fungal or viral processes may not have been treated . More importantly you may have inflammation in an area called the subglottic area and possibly some inflammation and narrowing there . Other problems like vocal cord inflammation or chronic acid reflux from the stomach may also be happening . I would recommend you meet with a ear,nose and throat specialist who can visualize the cords and the trachea with a scope and make sure there is no problems as discussed above. Kindly discuss this email with your doctor at the earliest and get an evaluation . When possible also try and decrease your body mass index by regular exercise and diet management .


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