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How can sinus problem be treated?

Q: I suffered from a cold last year while returning to my hometown by air. The next day I had a severe headache and blurred vision with a problem in focusing on objects. Since then there has been a vision problem. I feel stress in front of the ears and behind my eyebrows. The doctor thought it was a sinus problem but all the X-rays of the lungs and skull were clear. So, he prescribed L Montus, Montair and Mucalyte with Nasivion and steam inhalation, which I have been taking for a month. I am allergic too for the last 3 years and take Ventroline, Omnacortal 20, Ceroflow and Duralyn for 10-15 days once in a year. I get blurred vision during the daytime and nasal blockage in the morning with no headache. When I am in a closed place like an office or a mall, I feel uneasy. I do not feel active and all the noise gets to me.

  1. Does the sinus medication have steroids and how safe is it to use them for how long?
  2. What are the side effects of these medicines?
  3. Is there a permanent cure for sinus without surgery?
  4. Homeopathy claims to have a complete solution, your views?
  5. I sit in an air-conditioned office all the day, will this make it worse?
  6. Is there a sinus specialist India?
  7. How do I know what causes the allergy; is there any test to confirm this?
  8. Is it related to immunity?


  1. Omnacortil has steroids. Steroid tablet for long time have serious side effects. Steroid as nasal sprays have little side effects.
  2. Many changes can take place in your body hormonal balance. Your immunity to fight infections will go down.
  3. Sinus disease is a disease of the mucosal layer, the lining of the sinus. This layer is never stable. Sinus disease is caused by allergy, then control of allergy can help. If the cause is not found, there is no permanent treatment for sinus disease, medical or surgical.
  4. This is an alterative medical therapy I have nothing against. It may help.
  5. Yes, AC air blast makes the nose dry and the secretions thicker and sticky.
  6. Many doctors specialises in sinus. Your ENT specialist can tell you.
  7. Make a check list of everything you do, eat, use, go and thus something will be revealed to you.
  8. Yes! Low immunity can lead to any infection. Increase immunity by avoiding self medication, less worrying, very good intake of water, diet of fruit and vegetables, no red meat, no smoking, yoga breathing exercises, long walks and jogs, avoiding smoking and alcohol.


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