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How can recurrent urine infection be treated?

Q: I am a 41 years old man who underwent a spinal surgery 15 years back. There is a tendency for urine retention, however, by the advice of doctors I am managing it reasonably well. But, last month pus apperared in urine and tested positive for escherichia coli (E.coli). I took T oflin 200 mg for the 7 days and the infection was cured. But after a week, again E.Coli infection was detected and the antibiotics was repeated for another 7 days; infection was cleared again. Now, after another week pus cells are found in urine. Please advise.

A:Urine retention problem may occur after spinal surgery either due to residual effect on nerve of bladder making its emptying ineffective (neurogenic bladder), or due to constriction of urine passage as complication of catheter placement during surgery (stricture urethra). It is important to differentiate between two as these require different management. Both conditions, if neglected, may result in recurrent infections and back pressure changes on the kidneys. You need a thorough clinical examination, renal function tests, ultrasound examination of the urinary tract, estimation of residual urine as well as urine flow rates measurement to make a fair assessment of your present condition before giving a proper advise for the future.


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