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How can persistent vomiting and loose motions be managed?

Q: My 11 months old son is suffering from vomiting and loose motions for the last five days. Earlier, he had high fever and frequent urination but after giving Calpol drops, fever has gone and frequent urination also stopped but vomiting and loose motions still persist. The doctor has prescribed Domstal for vomiting but he is still vomiting, immediately after taking food / fluid / breast milk. Vomiting is there only after taking food. He passes loose motions 2-3 times a day, and it has a very foul smell. What could be the reason for all this? I have also started giving him ORS. His usual diet is breast milk, wheat porridge, badam kheer, rice, papaya mash, pumpkin carrot mash, ragi porridge.

A:Your son probably had a bout of viral illness which also affected his gastrointestinal tract. His symptoms of vomiting and diarrhoea can be attributed to this infection. If his vomiting is not being controlled with Domstal, another antiemetic can be prescribed by your pediatrician, which can be given pre-meals. You are doing a wonderful job by giving ORS which will save him from any dehydration. Consult your pediatrician regarding the need for giving probiotics and zinc supplementation. Viral illnesses usually run their course in 5-7 days.


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