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How can perforation of the ear drum be treated?

Q: One of my friends slapped me yesterday and consequently, I felt some pain in the ear. I put some water and oil in the ear thinking that it would relieve the pain, but there has been no relief. I consulted a doctor who told me that my ear drum has got perforated. There is swelling in my ear and I am also experiencing some hearing loss. I am taking Ciron as suggested by the doctor. Will it be able to treat the perforation?

A:A perforation of the ear drum caused by a slap is likely to close on its own. Sometimes, cleaning and putting the edges of the perforation together (under microscopic vision), in the clinic, is helpful to improve the chances of healing. You may ask an ENT surgeon to assess and do that if possible. In the meantime do not allow water to enter your ears. A hearing test may be indicated if the hearing loss persists.


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