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How can obstructive azoospermia be treated?

Q: What are the prospects for treatment of obstructive azoospermia? I have already undergone microsurgery in one of the testes (10 years ago). It was initially a success, but later on the blockage developed again and azoospermia resurfaced. Is there any way by which the blockage can be cleared apart from surgery? The option of surgery cannot be resorted due to the obstruction. If the status quo is allowed to be maintained, are there any chances of the blockage getting cleared on its own? What will be its effects on sexual health? Is it possible that the testes can stop producing sperms? Will this affect the sexual urge of the person?

A:To answer your questions. It should be possible for a specialist surgeon to explore and look into the possibilities and offer a chance to your friend with no assurances. You need to understand that this kind of surgery can at the best assure patency of the system (50% success rate) but cannot guarantee the pregnancy rates (in first attempt it is less than 15-20%). The chances further reduce in the case of your friend who is to have a repeat surgery. The entire decision would depend upon the quality of sperms found in the epididymis. More than long term damage it has been found that these testes have concurrent architectural and functional deficiencies. Testicular function has nothing much to with the sexual urge and if it is good now it has to continue to be good after the surgery.


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