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How can nasal polyps be treated permanently?

Q: I am a 41 years old man who has undergone endoscopic surgery for the removal of nasal polyps once and another similar surgery for the correction of deviated nasal septum (DNS) around five years back. Now, I have developed the symptoms of nasal polyps again as the polyps are growing and I am finding it very difficult to breath. Most of the times I am taking breath through my mouth. Can I go for endoscopic surgery for the removal of polyps again? Is there any side effect or any problem if I go for the surgery again? What are the chances of its recurrence?

A:Recurrences of nasal polypi are certain. Repeated removal is needed and is not harmful. If post operative care, steroids and nasal douche are taken, the recurrences can be reduced. However, 20 percent patients will still have a recurrence.

Plucking of polypi to give adequate airway every six months or a year under local anaesthesia to avoid their growing big helps. Please rest assured that tendency to polyposis is inherited and they grow again from remaining nasal mucosa.


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