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How can my son’s nasal congestion be treated?

Q: My nine years old son is suffering from recurrent nasal congestion for the past four years. He has been doing inhalation using natural steam. The doctor has prescribed flutocasone nasal sprays but I am quite apprehensive about using the same. I have given him nasal drops Nasivion for decongestion. I am giving about 3 drops each nostril at night only. How can my son’s nasal congestion be treated?

A:The best drug to use for nasal congestion in young children is plain normal saline drops. These are available under various trade names like Otrivin "s" and Nasivion"s". Pain Nasivion contains more drugs which are not needed for young children. Likewise, fluticasone nasal drops are not recommended for your son's condition.

You should put 2-3 drops per nostril of saline drops when there is nasal block (not otherwise). If necessary, the nostrils can then be gently cleaned with a soft clean cloth to remove excessive secretions.


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