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How can my daughter’s breast-feeding habit be managed?

Q: I am a 41 years old woman who has a year old daughter. My daughter is lactose intolerant and I am still breast-feeding her. I tried to give her lactaid whole milk but she refused to take it. I tried adding it to her cereal and she refused the cereal, which she really loved. I want to get her off the breast-feeding habit, as it is not beneficial for me. She takes very little solid food but wants to have breast feed at least seven times a day. How can my daughter’s breast-feeding habit be managed?

A:Please consider the certain points to get your daughter off the breast-feeding habit: Decrease the frequency of breastfeeding so that it gradually tapered off. Do not deny her cereal in the form she loves. Increase semi solid meals gradually, and then move on to solid feeds. Feed her a semi solid meal just before bedtime so that she will be fuller for longer and both of you can get some sleep. If she is lactose intolerant, do not force lactaid on to her just yet. Give her calcium supplements. Be gentle with her and do not force feed.


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