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How can my daughter concentrate better?

Q: My 4 years old daughter is studying in L.K.G. She does well in oral subjects. But when it comes to wring, she gets confused. For example, she can't write her name properly, though she tells the spelling correctly. Is her concentration and memory power low? Please suggest how we can improve her concentration?

A:You have given your daughter a name that is difficult to write in the English language. There is nothing wrong if she writes her own name or other words with wrong spellings. She is only 4 years old, not fourteen years old. You should keep that in mind. As she grows up, if she continues to have a problem with the spelling of words, someone who has expertise in handling children with tendency to dyslexia can be asked for advice. But do not get hold of the word dyslexia and start worrying. For most people, a little bit of dyslexia can be part of growing up.


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