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How can mouth ulcers be treated?

Q: I am a 25 years old man suffering from mouth ulcers with pain. I took a course of antibiotics for five days and after two days of medication my pain was relieved and my sores were healed. But the red lines are still there and ulcers are present on my tongue. What should I do now to remove the red lines? Please advise.

A:I am not sure what red lines imply but it could be scar after healing. It is not very common in oral cavity. You should apply kenacort orobase ointment locally for two weeks and take anti oxidants llie antoxid or glacex I tab OD to heal the ulcers completely. Question remains why you got ulcers? Food, spices, vinegar, upset tummy, viral infections, taking of pan masala, smoking etc can cause them. Remove the cause as recurrent ulcers can cause sub mucous fibrosis a precancerous condition. It does not occur in single episode.


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