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How can irritable bowel syndrome be treated?

Q: I am 26 years old man suffering from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) for the last 9 years diagnosed through sigmoidoscopy. I need to go pass stools 3-4 times a day but never feel fully satisfied because of incomplete evacuation. Sidmoidoscopy showed mucous and that the intestine didn't open fully at 45 cms but otherwise normal. I take Rabeprazole and Choldiazpoxide twice a day but in vain. Please advise.

A:It sounds like you have irritable bowel syndrome. I suggest you do the following:

  1. Take Isabgol husk one tablespoonful daily, mix it with water or juice.
  2. Take regular exercise (1/2 hr of brisk walk, 4-5 times a week).
  3. Drink plenty of water: 5-6 glasses/day.


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