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How can indigestion and abdominal pain be managed?

Q: My 33 years old friend has been experiencing abdominal pain for the last two weeks. He also has problems in digesting his food. His blood test reports are cited below:- Lipid profile Total cholesterol- 249.58 mg/dl

  • LDL- 49.58 mg %
  • HDL-138 mg/dl
  • TG- 310 mg/dl
  • VLDL- 62 mg/dl
  • LDL/HDL- 2.78
  • Total cholesterol/HDL- 5.03
Liver Function Test
  • Serum bilirubin total- 2.59 mg/dl
  • Serum total protein- 6.9 mg/dl
  • Serum albumin- 3.7 mg/dl
  • Serum globulin- 3.2 mg/dl
  • Alkaline phosphatase- 148.4 I.U./L
  • SGOT- 47.74 I.U./L
  • SGPT- 107.8 I.U./L
Please comment on the above cited report and advise the mode of treatment.

A:Your friend has elevated liver tests. There can be several causes for this, the most important are viral infections. Therefore, the first step is to test for viruses A, B, C and E. If these tests are negative, your friend may have increased fat in the liver (called fatty liver disease). In that case, I suggest the following:

  1. Maintain ideal body weight (if overweight).
  2. Proper control of diabetes and hyperlipidemia (if these problems are present).
  3. It is good to have regular (once a year) blood tests for these conditions.
  4. Regular exercise (1/2 hr of brisk walk, 4-5 times a week.
  5. Alcohol use in moderation.


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