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How can I take care of recurrent candidiasis?

Q: For three months I have been suffering from candida infection under the genitals. I consulted a dermatologist regarding this problem and she prescribed me fluconzole Tabs and candid-B cream. It worked fine but a month later the problem recurred. I consulted another physician who prescribed me a quadriderm cream. The problem was under control but again a month later I felt that there were still some traces of candida left. Once in a while I feel a bit uncomfortable. When I consulted the first physician, she told me that this problem recurs unless I take care of it properly. I always try to keep the regions very dry. But most of the times there is intense sweating which might be the cause of problem. Some people say the undergarments I use are not fit to absorb the sweating. But what I wear are branded ones. Can you tell me what kind of undergarments are needed for me to be more comfortable?

A:The treatment given to you is correct, and you seem to be taking sufficient care of your hygiene etc. Lets try a few simple expedients before we investigate this matter any further. a) Put your partner/ partners (if any) also on simultaneous treatment for candidiasis. During this treatment, abstain from intercourse altogether. If you cant, you must use condoms. b) The friendly commune dhobi is often a culprit. Launder your clothes at home for a while. c) If what you have is a skin infection rather than a vaginal one, use anti-fungal powder instead of ointments. This keeps the part dry and adsorbs sweat. d) Vaginal candidiasis is better treated with intra-vaginal tablets than with ointments. e) Use only 100 % cotton underwear, laundered at home.


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