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How can I reduce my triglycerides?

Q: I am a 60 years old male weighing 85 kg. I underwent angioplasty with a medicated stent five years back. Since then I am taking Cardiprin (100 mg), Clopidogrel (75 mg), Atenolol (25 mg), Omeprazole (20 mg), Folic Acid (5 mg), Flavedon - MR, Simvastatin (10 mg) and Surbex - Zinc. All these tablets are taken once a day except Flavedon-MR, which is taken twice a day. Recently, I underwent blood test, which showed haemoglobin – 15.4 g/dl, PCV (51%) and triglycerides is 216 mg/dl. The blood test reported that HBsAg and Anti-HBs are non-reactive and the doctor advised for vaccination. It also stated that PCV is mildly high. Other parameters for liver and kidney functions are normal. How can my triglycerides level be lowered? Can any brand of fenofibrates be taken? Is PCV a reason to worry?

A:Overall your biochemical and haematological profiles look excellent and you are doing well. PCV need not be controlled and 51% PCV with haemoglobin of 15.4 is very much acceptable and you should be happy about it. Regarding triglycerides, they are definitely marginally high and they can be lowered by a combination of dietary prudence (reducing simple sugars like white bread, rice, chapattis made of white atta etc.), increased physical activity and some pharmacological support in form of fenofibrates or another drug called Ezetimibe. As some times, patients do not tolerate fenofibrates well, I would suggest personally that you make necessary life style and dietary changes and change the Tablet Simvastatin that you are taking to a combination of Simvastatin plus Ezetimibe (10 mg), which is commercially available as Tablet Storvas EZ. After taking the tablet for eight weeks, you may repeat your lipid profile and decide further course of action.


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