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How can I reduce my triglyceride levels?

Q: I am 31 years old. I am 175 cm tall and I weigh 74 kg. I recently got my lipid profile done after 12 hours of fasting. The results are as follows: Total Cholesterol - 205; HDL - 37; Triglycerides - 419; LDL cholesterol - 120; VLDL cholesterol - 83.8; TC/HDL cholesterol ratio - 5.54; LDL/HDL ratio - 3.24. Since most of the results are not normal as per the reference range, could you please advise what actions should I take?

A:You have a lipid profile not uncommon with many young Indians today. Your main problem is high triglycerides. You need to check your fasting, and 2 hours post lunch, blood sugars to rule out diabetes or impaired fasting glucose/ glucose tolerance. You may need a thyroid blood test (TSH) also, if clinically indicated. You need to cut down on processed carbohydrates, mainly polished rice, bread & atta that is not whole wheat and fast foods/ noodles. Take natural products that have a lot of fibre like unpolished rice, whole wheat atta, fruits, vegetables, salads etc. Exercise regularly so that you tummy does not bulge out (although you are not overweight). Do not consume coke, beer etc., which are high in calories, and reduce alcohol consumption. Check your lipid profile after 2 months of these changes and you might be in for a pleasant surprise, as in most cases triglyceride levels are very susceptible to changes in life style.


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