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How can I reduce my triglyceride and LDL levels?

Q: I have checked my lipid profile and the triglyceride is 325. LDL is very high and HDL is low. What should I do to reduce my triglyceride and LDL? What should be my diet? I have become a vegetarian. There is no family history of high cholesterol. Both of my parents suffer from hypertension only.

A:Your triglycerides are significantly high with high LDL and low HDL. I would like to know your total cholesterol, VLDL, uric acid, SGOT/SGPT, your age, your body weight, blood sugar fasting, your blood pressure, etc. It will help me in analysing you as a whole. Once I know these parameters, we can decide the line of treatment. However, I still recommend the first drug of choice for you will be statins - Rosuvastatin - 20 mg at night, and tablet folic acid - 5 mg daily. Regarding your diet, you should cut down your fried food like pakora, samosa, paratha, halwa, sweets, non-vegetarian food, especially red meat and organ meat, yellow of egg and even milk products should be only in the form of milk and not butter or processed cheese. You should exercise daily for at least 30 minutes, meditate for 20 minutes in the morning and evening. No alcohol, no smoking. Adopt more relaxation techniques.


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