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How can I reduce my creatinine level?

Q: I am a 52 years old man suffering from renal faliure and my creatinine level has risen to 5.7 mg/dl from 5.3 mg/dl. I am a diabetic and had hernia and stricture in the urinary tract too. Presently, I am taking Amplopress 5 mg, Alpha-D3 0.25 mg, Flotral 10 mg once and Aten 25 mg twice daily. The doctor told me that there is no other way than to restrict food intake. I am having 1600 calories of diet; 35 gms of protine and 200 ml milk everyday. Is there any medication for reducing the creatinine level? Is my diet chart fine, if not, what should it be? Is there any herbal treatment for reducing creatinine levels?

A:Review of your history is suggestive of advanced chronic kidney disease reflecting irreversible kidney damage with less than 10-15% of kidney function left at your age. Unfortunately, you would soon need dialysis or more preferably kidney transplant since I am not aware of any medicines including herbal treatment which can reverse your lost kidney function. Your diet seems to be appropriate though I would recommend increasing daily protein intake to 50-60 grams.


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