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How can I reduce blood sugar level without losing weight?

Q: I am a 32 years old male weighing 60 kg and 172 cm tall. I have type II diabetes and with strict diet control, jogging for 15 minutes daily and without any medication, my blood glucose level is: fasting - 90 mg to 105 mg/dL; PP - 90 mg to 125 mg/dL and glycosylated haemoglobin - 6.8. I am losing my weight daily. Earlier, I weighed 67 kg. I know that this may be due to my reduced food intake. Can I control my blood glucose without losing weight and without taking any medicine? What kind of food is good for diabetic patients to gain weight?

A:If you are losing weight without feeling weak, then it is fine. If weakness occurs, then you should take help of drugs. Body weight should be ideal, even under weight is bad. With exercise and diet control, you can maintain and control blood sugar for a short while only. Sooner or later, drugs are required but exercise and diet control will still continue.


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