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How can I prevent my daughter from sucking her lower lip?

Q: My daughter is 3 years old. She has a habit of sucking her lower lip since she was a year old. She continuously sucks her lip and also rubs her fingers on my mouth. She does this before going to sleep and at other times, like watching a movie. She is a clever child and can understand everything except this. This act of hers is very irritating and sometimes I unwantedly beat her for this, as she even touches lips of those who are friendly to her.

A:A habit can sometimes become a source of security for the child. Instead of beating her for it or trying reasoning, simply try to ignore her or distract her when she shows undesirable behaviour. On the contrary, give her love and attention when she does not do it. You can even predict when she may touch your lips, and try to change your posture to be away from her. Gradually try to mould her behaviour away from firstly touching others lips, and then her own.


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