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How can I prevent hardening of arteries after bypass surgery?

Q: I am 57 years old. I underwent coronary artery bypass graft last year. My three arteries were blocked which were by-passed by taking one artery from my chest and two veins from my right leg. I am gradually getting better, my work ability has improved, doing regular morning walk and feeling fresh after that. I had gone for comprehensive cardiac checkup and blood profile, which all have come out good. I am diabetic. My diet and medicines are as advised by my consulting doctor. I am told that hardening of arteries recurs after 10 years. Is it true? If so, what precautions should I take so that this does not happen again? At times I feel tense and angry for no specific reasons. My sex life is in shambles. My doctor recommended Caverta-50 from Ranbaxy for ED, but it does not seem to be of any benefit. I feel hopeless. Please advise.

A:Diabetic patients are 4 times more likely have heart problems as compared to general population. Basic disease is atherosclerosis (hardening and thickening of arteries). This is true that this starts after 10 years. To prevent this, most important is to keep blood glucose under control. This means FBG should be between 80-120 and PP, 140 mg/dl. Also A1c levels (this test tells about last three months control) should be < 6.5%. In addition one has to take aspirin small dose, one statin, beta-blocker and ACE inhibitor. Last two you need as you already have heart disease. Regarding your erectile dysfunction, this is also related to your diabetes. For this I will suggest you to contact an urologist for some mechanical treatment, as medications are unlikely to have an impact in your case. For anger management take help of yoga, meditation, etc. This is not directly related to diabetes.


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