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How can I nurture my child's memory?

Q: My daughter is 34 months old. She has been a normal child in her growth and activities. She even remembers some special incidents when she was eight months old. When I was giving her a hair cut at her 2 years 8 months, she remembered and talked about her tonsure when she was two years old. I go to my hometown every 3-4 months. She remembers all things (including her play items) and people very well. In fact, she remembers where exactly the particular things can be found. She has demonstrated this ability quite frequently. Is this talent normal for all children? If in case my daughter shows special skills in memory, how can I nurture it? What other skills can she learn in addition to memory?

A:I think you have come up with a non-problem. If the child remembers details of earlier visits and the toys she played with, that is something to be happy about. Many children are like that, especially if they are bright and healthy. Why do you want to make her do more of the same? Do not show her off to your relatives as Exhibit no. 1. If they discover in the course of their interactions that she has a good memory, they may remark about it. Leave it at that. Buy her story books with pictures in them and children's music which she can sing with or dance to. Let her have playmates in the home and the neighbourhood. Do not start her on memorising Capitals of the world or flags of the world or whatever, as some quiz-minded parents tend to do. Let her grow up like other children and if she is a little ahead, there is no need to fuss about it. Enjoy her childhood and let her enjoy it too.


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